Sunday, May 10, 2009

John Christopher Hiatt

We think John Christopher Hiatt may have been born in Ireland and moved to Wayne co. His son William W. Hiatt was allegedly born in Wayne co. 8 Jun 1844 although we can't find him there and his Civil War record states he was born in Ireland.

So I thought I would look for a John Hiatt or John C. Hiatt who was born in Ireland and had a wife born in Kentucky. This has driven my son nuts for years to the point he spent $150 to have his DNA tested in an effort to figure out which Hiatt family he belonged to and it really didn't help.

He connects to Charles Hiatt of the UK and more distantly to John Hiatt and Mary Smith, who he has no known connection to unless its in the old country (England). He also connects to three families in Ireland but none of them are Hiatts. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much Judith Jones

Not from admin: I am working on this and would appreciate any assistance anybody can give us, so if you know anything about the Hiatt's, please leave a comment!

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